Surviving Year 9 Guide

So you are starting Year 9. First year of highschool, and its okay to be nervous High School Organization tips!.

This page is all you will need to survive year 9

Here's how to make a list:

  • What is High School like?
  • First off, High School is nothing like the movies. No, there is no "cliques" No Jock table, No nerd table, No Cheerleaders table. Everyone is equal and you basically get to know everyone. Really High School is no different to intermediate. Same people going with you just a different school. And maybe some classes you haven't had the opportunity to take before
  • What are the 5 Most Important Rules you need to know
  • 1:Always have your books ready for each class. It is important to stay ahead on the basics to make your school life a bit easier
  • 2:Do your homework. You are probably not used to having to handle loads of homework from different classes, each from a different teacher.But it is very veryimportant that you do this! That way you have more time for things you like, such as TV, Facebook, Friends etc
  • 3:Listen, Listen, Listen. It is really the most you can do. If you pay attention, Year 9 will be a breeze
  • 4:Don't be pushed into something you don't want to do. I am talking about skipping class, wagging or just plain not turning up. Yeah it might seem cool? But trust me its not worth it and all you end up doing is creating more homework for yourself and Yes! These things do go on your report and later on your future employers will see it. And you won't feel so cool then
  • 5:Smile. Yeah you hear it a lot but it is important. You will make friends easier because you will seem more geniune and it will help you get through things that may seem really big at the time but in the long run it really wasn't that big
  • How to make friends
  • Be YouI am sure you hear it a lot but its not worth changing who you are to be accepted. If you are kind and happy people will see that. If someone likes you for who you ae they are 10x better friends than the ones that could only like you if you changed yourself
  • What to bring to school
  • Your lunch! Your books and A drink bottle. Trust me you do not want to use the schools drinking fountains
  • You should remember..
  • Wear correct uniform, you might look cool wearing a nike jacket but it isnt worth it when you end up loosing the jacket because it was incorect uniform
  • Join Clubs or a Sport! It is the easiest way to make friends, especially making friends with people who share a comman interest with you. And you never know.. you could be the schools next sports star?
  • Give everything a go. Even if your friends cant to it with you or think its weird. If you enjoy it who really cares what people think of you. If they can't see you are enjoying it and are passionate about it then they right friends and their opinions don't matter

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